Move-out & Cleaning Instructions
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Before vacating your unit, you must have a move-out inspection.
This guide shows you the steps needed to make your inspection a success!


Call in for your inspection at least one week in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts. (If your lease expires July 31, you may want to call at least 30 days in advance due to the large number of inspections that day.) To be ready for your inspection, all your belongings must be moved out of the apartment and the cleaning must already be done. Inspections will normally be made during the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Insepctions will be made on Saturday or Sunday only if it is the end of the month. Is is to your advantage to be present at the inspection.


To receive your full security deposit, you must restore your unit to the best condition possible. Make sure that the following has been done before you inspection:

  1. Rent must be paid in full!
  2. Empty your unit of all personal belongings
  3. Your unit must be cleaned using the checklist as a guide. Cleaning must be completed at the time of inspection.
  4. Utilities for which you are responsible must be left on until your lease expires. This means if you leave a day or two early, you must have the meter read on the day following the last day of your lease.


All keys, mail key, pool key, and garage door openers must be returned at the time of the inspection. DO NOT GIVE KEYS TO THE NEW RESIDENTS. Any keys not returned at the time of inspection will result in a lock change at your expense.

Deposits are returned withing thirty (30) days after your lease obligation has been fulfilled and with satisfaction of all rent and other charges. Be sure to leave a forwarding addres with the office. One check will be written to all residents for the entire amount refunded. Roommates should make arrangements with the office if you wish the check to be written to one person only.


The carpet must be professionally cleaned (NO RUG DOCTORS). A receipt must be shown at the time of inspection. May, July, August and December are busy for other apartment complexes thus the carpet cleaning companies may be in high demand. If you are moving out in one of those months, we suggest you reserve a carpet cleaning company ahead of time. Cleaning the carpet is the last item to be done before inspection, since placing furniture on wet carpet may leave dents and dirty marks and may require you to re-clean. Failure to schedule carpets to be cleaned will result in a $100 fee charged in addition to the cost of the carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning charges will be more costly if they have to cleaned after the new tenants move in.

click here for the printable CLEANING CHECKLIST